Tuam Babies: “It would be… kinder to strangle these children at birth” said doctor

“A great many people are always asking what is the good of keeping these children alive? I quite agree that it would be a great deal kinder to strangle these children at birth than to put them out to nurse.” — Doctor Ella Webb, June 18, 1924, speaking about illegitimate children in care in Ireland at the time.

The story of Doctor Webb’s comments was in the Irish Times that day in 1924. It was allowed to go without outrage or question.

How do you like euthanasia Irish Catholic style?

Have no doubt what happened in Tuam happened in such homes all over the country. Tuam came to light because of a fearless local writer, Catherine Corless, who suspected the truth and tracked it down with forensic clarity.

The same dreadful business was going on in other homes, too.

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