Europeans Pariliment fails citizens in TTIP vote

Civil society alliance announces further protests in autumn

The European Parliament today passed a resolution on TTIP that took months to prepare due to growing controversies, particularly on the issue of the investor state dispute settlement (ISDS).

“More than 2.3 million Europeans have signed a European Citizens’ Initiative and demand an immediate stop to the TTIP negotiations. These citizens were completely ignored today by the European Parliament. We will make sure their voices will be heard in the months to come. On 10 October we’re calling for a European Day of Action against TTIP and CETA, the EU-Canada trade agreement. Large demonstrations are planned in Germany and The Netherlands, while decentralised actions will take place in hundreds of cities in many other European countries such as France, Spain, Poland and Austria. We will continue to fight for our democracy, rule of law as well as social and environmental standards.”

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