OSHO® Meditation Weekend – April 15-17 2016

Osho (1931 to 1990) an enlightened Master created a new meditative path which brings together the silence of the oshoEast and the celebration of the West to create a fusion which he calls Zorba the Buddha. His meditations use the path of meditation and silence and the path of love and celebration to bring about awareness and no-mind.

Osho’s first and most famous meditation is called Dynamic Meditation and it is done in the early morning. It uses both effort and meditation. Osho believed that for many, the body needs to be active first, to throw out its junk and go through catharsis before a person can drop into silence. Osho created 112 meditations in his lifetime, some are silent but most are set against specially designed music and a series of stages that brings about transformation in the mediator.

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