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In yoga theory or philosophical understanding and practice are inseparable. The philosophical understanding of the practioner unavoidably informs the practice. A yoga practice thus far extends the time on the mat. In the Bhagavad Gita there is a verse that says ‘Yoga karmasu kausalam.’, meaning ‘Yoga is skill in action’. This means that skill in action  is the essence of Yoga. A yoga practice is an expression of an understanding of life and therefore permeates all action.  Yoga IS action, skillfull action. No action escapes Yoga. Yoga is evidenced in our political stance and our implication in all of life.

It appears that our scientists cannot agree with one another over what is going on with our weather. Is Algore right or wrong? Whether he is right or wrong.  the issues about sustainable living are still the same, particularly with the enormeous growth of the population that we are experiencing right now. The scientific argument that is raging at this time does not alter the enormous consequences that the cutting down of the rain forests have for the production of oxygen, just to mention one thing. We still have to deal and find solutions for the huge increase in polluting emissions, the rapid depletion of energy resources and the enormous volume of garbage produced by our society. That has not changed. It is disastrous that this new focus on ‘sunspots’ and conflicting scientific reports (who is funding the research anyway?)have changed the drive for people  to engage with these very pressing problems. Living in a yogic way means living in such a way that the living practices also maintain or contribute to the health of our environment. It is an attitude that fosters a balance between human activity and the planet.

We have a duty to use our resources in sustainable way and that does mean continued effort in planning for reduced energy consumption and energy needs (for instance building houses etc that self-produce the energy they need and have a low environmental impact. Buildings that use local, natural, recycled materials etc…. and continue to develop our means to clean up what we pollute or better still not to produce the pollution at all.

The deterioration of the world’s habitats has nothing to do with lack of technology, but rather a lack of immediate incentive to do anything about it but also with each person’s reluctance to take responsibility for their contribution. This is what Karma Yoga is about.



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  • I have been doing Yoga since college and i love the way that it can relax my body. yoga is great for stress relief. `

  • Hello, I searched for this blog on Bing and just wanted to say thanks for the excellent read. I would have to agree with it, thank you again!

  • i always do Yoga every week because it is essential to my overall well being;~.

  • Marlene at Sli na Bande introduced me to the essential elements underlying the practice and “action” of yoga. She has always found a way to carve a path of her own, while remaining true to the foundational and traditional elements of this ancient system. Of all the teachers I have studied under, both in the US and in Ireland (and including senior Iyengar instructors, other students of Patabi Jois etc.) – how Marlene teaches—and continues to study and “live” the practice — remains a core driving force, if not the source of my own “tapas”, as I strive to enact yoga in my own life. I recommend Sli na Bande, and Marlene’s approach, above and beyond any other yoga center or yoga teaceher I know. Can’t wait to get back there….

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