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“If you are willing to look at another person’s behavior toward you as a reflection of the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your value as a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all”
Yogi Bhajan
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Yoga Testimonials

Just a note of thanks again for the weekend. It was beautifully put together and I am still floating after it. How you open up your home to all of us really makes it so special. I’ll definitely be back in the New Year.
With love, Catherine




“Marlene , I can’t thank you enough for another amazing weekend, I just feel such a peace after it 🙂
SOOO next one , can I book in ?!? It’s coming at a perfect time!” – Eimear, 2015


“Marlene’s yoga class is superb. She has an in-depth knowledge of how the body works and therefore ensures a challenging yet manageable class. I have a long term neck injury and after exploring many different unsuccessful avenues, yoga through Marlene’s instruction has alleviated all pain and greatly improved flexibility. Each of Marlene’s classes are different, but at the end of each one, you leave her class feeling centred and renewed. The more yoga I do the more I want to learn. I could not recommend this yoga class highly enough” – Jackie



“Marlene’s style of yoga is highly unique.  On my first day, the other participants assured me it was the best yoga around.  Challenging, creative, and interesting, Marlene’s class taught me that there is far more to yoga than what you find in mainstream classes.” – M. Stevens, United States



“I have attended several open yoga classes with Marlene and every time I am amazed that she manages to make my body pains disappears within one session. And I love to feel my energy flowing through my whole body every time in the relaxation. I can truly find peace in Marlene’s classes.” – F. Frellstedt, Germany


“Thank you for the welcoming Yoga session two weeks ago. It was special. Your wisdom and the sacred space you provide. Sli na Bande has a very welcoming and strong energy. Details like the fresh wild flowers put thoughtfully in many places just touched my heart. Thank you to yourself and Douglas for Sli na Bande.”  – Melanie – 2014


Just some feed-back on our philosophy sessions. I find them utterly invaluable. The content of the sessions resonate with me long after they are over. I am naturally attracted to philosophy and feel particularly grateful for the quality of your expertise. I am very interested in what the Sanskrit scriptures say and truly believe the writings are filled with deeply refined thinking and subtleties that quiet simply are beyond my understanding. It takes a wonderful thinker like you to tease out the meaning and implications of a text. I really rate your interpretation since it is plain to me that you have sat with the material for a long time and have revisited texts to refresh your understanding, believe me, I benefit hugely from your hard work. I also tend to be impatient with shoddy scholarship and feel your attention to detail and the rigor of your own mental processes are absolutely excellent. There is nothing more joyful than a good teacher. I love being a student in your class, your erudition really stimulates and nourishes me, it affects my physical practice and constantly makes me look at my own thought processes and the quality of my mind. It also makes me very excited to go and read the Sanskrit scriptures from all the various schools. Since our last meeting there have been phrases that just keep spinning around inside me, like they are shifting old ‘brain material’ and trying to dislodge a mental habit. I don’t mind what you decide to study in our sessions since you always bring a fresh and truly probing insight into whatever you present to the group. I am hugely impressed by your work and hope to study with you more in the future.
Meanwhile – thank you. Caroline” – student of IYA-Training





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  • Barbara Blake:

    I was thinking this morning about what you do and how well you do it: you MAKE SENSE of many things. Then you GIVE A SENSE of those things. Thank you!

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