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“If you are willing to look at another person’s behavior toward you as a reflection of the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your value as a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all”
Yogi Bhajan
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Shamanic Diagnostic & Bodywork Intensive hands-on training with Itzhak Beery – Mar 20-22, 2020

Special Guayusa Amazon Dream Tea Ceremony
Friday, March 20 (7-10:30 pm)
Limited to 20 participants

Join us in an experiential, and intensive shamanic evening that takes you into the dimensions of Dreamtime and altered states to enable us to bring new visions and awareness into our lives. It is a short vision quest that challenges your inner warrior, your sense of space, time and direction.

This is a special traditional ceremony. We’ll honor the Guayusa tree spirit with chants, songs, and sound. We will share our visions to help us integrate them into our daily lives.

Guayusa is a super healthy elixir, full of nutrients, and essential amino acids that improve mood and induce relaxation. It has double the antioxidants of green tea that help boost cardiovascular health, digestion, and the immune system. The theobromine (found in chocolate) restrained the jitters caused by its caffeine.

Full Two-days Intensive training: Shamanic Diagnostic and Bodywork
​Saturday & Sunday, March 21-22 (10 am-5 pm)
​Limited to 16 participants

You are welcome to register for a unique shamanic healing training weekend. Designed for those who are novices with a healthy healing curiosity and for those who have previous healing experience and want to add authentic shamanic-based healing bodywork methods to their toolbox. In these two robust days, you will learn and most importantly, experience, and practice on your fellow participants the following:

Energy Gazing– Allows you to “see,” the energy sphere that surrounded a person, and to locate conditions, issues, traumas, and negative energies.

Body Hand Scanning – Lay-of-hands technique to discover energy flow and blockages that might indicate body areas that need healing.

Candle Flame Diagnostic Reading – A staple practice by the Yachaks of the High Andes, that aids in finding out the root causes of their client’s physical, emotional, and spiritual sickness. The reading is based on wax conditions, wick, colors, and flame shapes.

Tucuma Needles – This is a unique Brazilian Amazon technique. It used the tapping of tree thorns on the entire body, palms, and soles to diagnose malfunction organs, invigorate, and rebalance the body’s total nervous system and alleviate physical and emotional buried pain.

Aztec bodywork – A method of lay-of-hands diagnostic and energy rebalancing, in which images and insights are shared between the shaman and the client to explore deep issues.

Amazonian massage – A unique method to help the digestive system function better and to stimulate the body’s skin, tissues, and muscles.
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Personal Shamanic Healing sessions will be available – Please inquire

Learn about the Shamanic Healing Sessions

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Rap̩ ceremony Friday night Р40 euro
Rap̩ ceremony + two day course (Friday night, Saturday & Sunday) РEarly Bird Рpay by Feb 1st 2020, 220 euro; thereafter 270 euro
Two day course (Sat & Sun) – Early Bird – pay by Feb 1st 2020 – 200 euro; thereafter 250 euro
Personal healing (1.5 hours) – 200 euro

For questions and booking contact Gerard Cassin
Phone: +44 7854 699007

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