Thought Of The Day
“If I have harmed anyone, in any way, either knowingly or unknowingly through my own confusions, I ask forgiveness.
If anyone has harmed me, in any way, either knowingly or unknowingly through their own confusions, I forgive them.
And if there is a situation I am not yet ready to forgive, I forgive myself for that
For all the ways that I harm myself, negate, doubt, belittle myself, judge or be unkind to myself through my own confusions, I forgive myself.”
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DiEM25 is an organisation set up by Yannis Varoufakis with others with the aim of restoring democracy within European Institutions.


Welcome to DiEM25!

Since our launch on 9th February in Berlin, many have joined DiEM25. Thank you for being amongst the first to do so!

Ideally, we should all get together to welcome each other to DiEM25!

Alas, Europe is too large to allow this.

Europe may be very large but it is not powerful enough to withstand the destructive forces that are tearing the EU apart.

The reason? With their incompetence and authoritarianism, the EU establishment have turned Europeans against it.

Whatever we may think of the EU, its disintegration today threatens the peoples of Europe with a (post)modern version of the 1930s.

To resist these forces threatening Europe’s weakest citizens, its culture of tolerance, and its basic humanism, the European Union must be democratised.

Nothing else will do!

We formed DiEM25 to create a movement to reverse Europe’s disintegration. With you, and each one of us, as its principal agent.

So, once again, Welcome to DiEM25!

Together we stand a chance. Divided we shall surely fall.