Elemental Body – Weekend Residential Retreats 2023

*limited places available*

  • April 28-30
  • June 23-25
  • August 18-20
  • October 20-22


The fabric of all life on earth is supported and held by the elemental energies of earth, water, fire, air and ether. Our human bodies are composed of the same living forces which can be called upon for resource, insight and healing in any moment. 

Connection with the earth element supports grounding and builds presence. The water element teaches us fluidity and how to access and ride the waves of our emotional experience. The element of fire ignites our creativity and feeds our divine spark. The air element lifts us into lightness of being and invites clarity of heart and mind. The elemental nature of ether brings teachings on spaciousness and the practices of softening our edges so that we can expand beyond this reality and be held by the greater cosmic force.

During this weekend retreat we will journey with each element to receive its teachings and be resourced by the wisdom and intelligence of our moving body, our breath and our heart/mind/soul. Drawing upon the practices of Open Floor movement and teachings from the chakra system to support us, we will move indoors and outdoors to engage with the nature of the elements and with our own innate elemental nature through meditation, enquiry, ritual and free style dance.

This practice of connecting with the elements within and around us encourages us to release stress and embody our original, authentic essence. It can teach us to listen in a deeper way to our core experience and enliven a more wholehearted expression in our daily life.

All accommodation, delicious food and optional hot tub are included in the price.

€365 / €345 (if booked early). 

As numbers for this retreat are limited and they are usually fully booked, it is recommended to book your place early.

Bookings can be made by emailing info@themovingbody.ie or calling to 086 1956331