At Slí na Bandé we believe in an ethical approach to food. For us this means –

Even hawks love our food

Even hawks love our food

  • Purchase and eat organic foods much as possible
  • Buy Fair Trade for controversial foods (fair trade and organic would be optimal)
  • Eat foods that are in season
  • Eat whole foods
  • Support small, local businesses, for specialty /artisan items

All of our food is vegetarian. Insofar as possible, all the food is homemade without the use of stock cubes, etc. Home grown herbs and vegetables as well as our own bread are a great source of pride for us.

We can cook dairy-free/gluten free/wheat free for no extra charge.

See our Available Food Options Chart for more details. Other seasonal variations may be available depending on the time of year.

However, we do use eggs from our own chickens who free-range about the garden. If people require us to cook meals outside of the available food options (eg., vegan) on the chart above, this will require an extra charge of €50 per person per weekend.

This is specifically to cover the extra costs of the food preparation, not the ingredients.

Usually, the cost of our food is included in the price of a residential weekend. For non-residential stays, food is available at a cost of €18 for lunch and €22 for dinner per person for groups of over 10 people, choosing from our Available Food Options Chart above. These prices do not cover other special food requirements.

We see the serving of that quality of food as a service, a service to the community and to the planet for that matter. It is fresh and it is clean.

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