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“The ordainer controls the fate of souls in accordance with their parabdha Karma.
Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try as you may.
Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may to prevent it.
This is certain. The best course... is to remain silent.”
Ramana Maharish
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Marlene’s Letter to the Irish Times

Restrictions – logic and enforceability

Irish Times – Fri, Aug 21, 2020, 00:06

Sir, – The recent Government measures announced on Tuesday have only succeeded in producing a sense of exasperation. A substantial increase in our Covid-19 numbers can be directly related to meat production facilities. The risks associated with these workplaces were known months ago and sufficient measures were not taken then, when it could have made an actual difference. If proper testing had been in place in these high-risk workplaces, we would not find ourselves in this position. The measures announced this week do not properly address the main causes of our current surge. For example, we are relieved to be able to sit in a restaurant with strangers surrounding us, which was long overdue, but now we cannot have more than six people in our home. It defies logic and enforceability.

The vast majority of the population of Ireland have behaved in exemplary fashion, adhering to the guidelines, suffering all the restrictions without civil disobedience. And now we are asked to restrict our movements, our work practices and income, our family and social connections again but this time because of recent bad management by the Government.

This Government is not governing. It is unfairly scapegoating its citizens, undermining the sense of solidarity that created our social bond in the adversity. This Government has a lot to answer for. – Yours, etc,