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“As long as space remains,
As long as sentient beings remain,
I will remain,
In order to help, in order to serve,
In order to make my own contribution.”
Buddhist Prayer
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Holotropic Breathwork Workshop – Aug 22-25 2019

Holotropic Breathwork is an exceptionally powerful, natural method of self-exploration and personal transformation. Developed by psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav and Christina Grof, it is a powerful method of activating the psyche based on extensive research and experiential work in both psychotherapeutic techniques and meditative practices. It involves a combination of deep and rapid breathing, evocative music and focused energy release to access non-ordinary states of consciousness. The work is done in a supportive environment with the assistance of highly trained and very experienced facilitators.

The weekend starts with dinner on Thursday evening.

Our proposed schedule for the Friday and Saturday would be as follows
  • 9.15 Breathwork Session (morning)
  • 1.15 Lunch break
  • 3.15 Breathwork session (afternoon)
  • 7.15 evening break
  • 8.30 Evening Group Work

The weekend includes:

  • 4 Breathwork sessions
    Each Participant will experience two Breathwork sessions as a breather and two as a sitter over Friday and Saturday.
  • Time in Nature and to Relax
    Plenty of time will be made available to enjoy the beautiful setting and perhaps use the Hot Tub and bathing pool. The coffee house is also a great spot to chill and relax. Or you can retreat to your chalet.
  • Shamanic Journeying , Soul Collage, Dancing, Mandala Drawing
    As part of the weekend there will be a Shamanic Journey, Creation of a Soul Collage and Dancing on Saturday evening. As always art materials are available to create Mandalas.
  • Meditation and group sharing
    Time will be taken for meditation and also group sharing will help us process and integrate our inner experiences

The full course lasts from Thurs 4.30 pm to Sunday 2.30pm fully inclusive with shared accommodation and costs €375. This includes all meals and 2 Breathing Sessions per person

For a detailed article on Holotropic Breathwork please follow link below :-

For more information:

Or contact Paul 0868275973 /