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“This is perfect, that is perfect, perfect comes from perfect,
Take perfect from perfect and the remainder is perfect.
May peace and peace and peace be everywhere.”
Brihadaaranyaka Upanishad
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Slí na Bandé has seven bedrooms, with a total of 14 beds.  Six of these rooms are suites with en suite bathrooms.  The accommodation is clean, comfortable, and homey. Rooms exterior to the house are equipped with wood-burning stoves and space heaters. The Back Chalet, with 2 single and 4 double beds, has a compost toilet available for the guests. Most of the accommodation is shared. There is an extra charge for people who require a single room.

Our standard group (6 people or more) charges are €150 per person sharing for B&B, lunch and dinner for 2 days. For those who stay an extra night before or after an event, the charge is €50 per person sharing for B&B.

If necessary, extra beds can be added in the rooms.

In the Main House        
Posh Room 1 1    
Extra Bathroom 1      
Oak Chalet 1   2 1
North Wing Room 1 1   1
Red Room 1 1   1
Pink Room 1 1    
Sugarloaf Chalet 1 1 1  
Back Chalet* 1 4 2  
Workshop Room 1 1     1
Coffeehouse       1

* Back Chalet has an additional compost toilet in a separate building next door.


Sugarloaf Chalet: 1 single bed, 1 double bed & 1 bathroom

Sugarloaf Chalet

Sugarloaf Chalet

Pink Room: 1 double bed & 1 bathroom

North Wing Room: 1 double bed, 1 bathroom & 1 kitchen

North Wing Room

Oak Chalet living room: 1 futon sofa (which can be used as a bed if required), kitchen, living room & bathroom

Oak Chalet bedroom: 2 single beds

Red Room: 1 double bed, 1 bathroom & 1 kitchen

Posh Room, 1 double bed & 1 bathroom

Blue Room: 1 single bed (also futon sofa which can be used as a bed if required)

Back Chalet: 2 single beds and 4 double beds

Compost Toilet

Communal Space

To see our communal area, Click here