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“If you are willing to look at another person’s behavior toward you as a reflection of the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your value as a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all”
Yogi Bhajan
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Volunteering at Slí na Bandé

Slí na Bandé has been home to hundreds of international and local volunteers. The individual contributions of their volunteers form a significant part of what gives the fabric of Slí na Bandé such a unique character.

Volunteers are asked to work six hours per day, six days a week, on special projects that appeal to them, in addition to helping the family maintain a tidy living space.

Responsibilities of the volunteers include taking care of the guests at the retreats and general maintenance of the grounds, gardens and animals.

We have lots of volunteers who return again and again but for new volunteers we have a week-long trial system. This gives the volunteers to find a more suitable host if the dynamic of Slí na Bandé is not what they are looking for.

We especially look for people with permaculture, sustainable energy knowledge and plumbing skills who would be interested in working with us long term.

Non-smokers will get a preference.


Volunteers 2014

Sample Day Schedule

  • 8.00am – 8.30am Breakfast
  • 8.30am – 9.00am Plan the day’s work
  • 9.00am – 11.00am Do the work
  • 11.00am – 11.15am Tea/Coffee Break
  • 11.15am – 1.00pm Work
  • 1.00pm – 1.30pm Lunch Preparation
  • 1.30pm – 2.15pm Lunch
  • 2.15pm – 4.30pm Work
  • 4.30pm Onwards – Free time


It is important that people are willing to immerse themselves in the ethos of Slí na Bandé – either we contribute to a place or we take away from it.

We require people who have an eye for the group dynamic and finding their place within it.

  • People with a high standard of cleaning skills.
  • People who understand the notion of waste reduction within food preparation, water usage, etc
  • People with expertise in renewable energy – solar panels and wind energy generation in particular
  • People with general electrical skills
  • People who have an aesthetic awareness of the space they are living in
  • People who have an understanding that rules are there so that things run smoothly, not to restrict. Cleaning up after yourself is something that benefits all members of the group.

Initiative is very much appreciated and encouraged after discussion

Volunteers 2014

Volunteers 2014


What will my work consist of?

  • Preparing the accommodation for visiting groups, laundry, cleaning, etc
  • Weeding, gardening, watering the plants and picking vegetables
  • Looking after the compost/recycling
  • Feeding the animals (1 pony, 1 donkey, 3 dogs, 14 chickens)
  • Cleaning the pony & donkey’s stable and using the manure in the garden as a fertilizer
  • Chopping timber, painting, building, woodwork, general maintenance, etc., ..
  • And more temporary projects…

How long will I stay?

We prefer volunteers to stay for a minimun of 6 weeks and longer if possible.

How many hours will I work / have free?

On average, volunteers are expected work 6 hours per day, 6 days per week. However, as we often host large groups, it can necessary for volunteers to work when we are very busy and then take an extra day off when it is less busy.

How are meals organised?

All meals are shared and mostly vegetarian. Everyone helps with the food preparation and clean-up, although this is not part of the working hours.

  • Sample Breakfast (choice between)
    • Tea, coffee, bread, toast, porridge, cereal, egg, jam, cheese
  • Sample Lunch (choice between)
    • Homemade soup, bread, cheese, salad
  • Sample Dinner
    • Rice, potato, vegetable stew (Dinner varies a lot depending on the cook of the day)

Where will I sleep / stay?

Volunteers sleep in a very large, shared converted loft in the main house with lots of space. There are 2 shared bathrooms.



Part of the volunteers room


Another part of shared space


More shared space


  • Supporting the ethos of Slí na Bandé – creating a sustainable environment for all life forms
  • How do we contribute to each others lives?
  • How do I develop my individual creativity?

Slí na Bandé provides all food and shared accommodation.



THANK YOU! For welcoming me into your home, your family, your world. I really wish I could stay longer but I know one day I will most definitely be back and we shall meet again!
Yours truly,
Daniella, Brazil. May 2016
PS I hope the flowers all bloom fully into a colourful summer!


I thought I’d send you a quick message to let you know that the time I spent WWOOFing at Sli na Bande has continued to inspire me over the last 5 years. My partner and I are in the early stages of reinvigorating a 10 acre permaculture plot here in Australia. It’s a great piece of land, but was left alone for 15 years, so it needs quite a bit of work. There are still plenty of fruit trees though, and a large dam, and a lot of wildlife.
I’ve also completed a Bachelor degree in Naturopathy, which included training in flower essences. My time at Sli Na Bande had a lot to do with the decision to study. I’d love to come back and visit some day with my partner.
All the best to you. Have a great Winter Solstice! xx Hope, Dec 2015.



Animals and Music 2014

Animals and Music 2014

Volunteers 2012

Guillaume, French wwoofer

David, Belgiun wwoofer

Antoine, French wwoofer

Shawn, American wwoofer, and Josh

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