Tantric Soul Sunday – June 16 2019

Celebrate the awakening of Spring

Awaken your senses. Awaken to pleasure, love and the abundance of life.

Authentic Tantra is the philosophy of living and valuing each moment and embracing the rainbow of our emotions. Finding our positive flow ultimately leads to a blissful state fueled by our life source energy and the universal energy that surrounds us. Positive energy raises the vibration we send to those around us and the world. Energy is infinite……you are pure energy!

Sunday is the day in the western world to relax, fill up our senses and our energy in order to serve our life’s purpose with vitality, awareness, love, compassion and connection.

So on Tantric Soul Sunday we will experience a time to nurture ourselves and delight the senses and shed the heavy cloak of winter.

  • Meditating for peace and compassionate energy 
  • Music to delight our ears. 
  • Scents to bring bliss to our noses. 
  • A mindful journey to connect with nature and its powerful energy. Feel the rain, feel the sun, the wind on our face and the grass beneath our feet. 
  • Morsels of exquisite food to dance on our tongues. 
  • Tantric practices to ignite life source / sexual energy. 
  • Moving meditation to harness our sensual energy, let go of negative energy, enable courage and clarity to shine through, a sense of renewal washes over the soul. This is Tandava 
  • Tantric ritual and practice for connection to self, our beloved and our passion. 
  • Tantra Question and Answer Session 
  • Cacao Ceremony. The elixir of the Gods

Tantric Soul Sunday is a gathering of kindred spirits who are open to all the possibilities of life and being fully present in the joy this sacred space. I will lead you to a beautiful place of peace, vitality and passion.

Tantra is self realization – realizing our full potential as a fully rounded human being, compassionate, sensual, loving, kind to ourselves and to others. Focused on our life’s purpose wherever that may take us.

Fully present in this world with an ability to give and receive love in equal measures, raising our awareness and connection to mind body and soul.

When? June 16 2019

Where? A peaceful venue within 15 minutes by car from South Dublin off the N11. immersed in nature, a place to just be….away from the noise, pollution and stress of the city among beautiful nourishing energy. There is a bus to the nearby village which is in walking distance.

If you would love to join us on this Spring day when the blossom will be emerging from it’s winter sleep, you’ll be awakening your soul to the Shiva and Shakti energy within us all.

To attend: Go to www.artoftranscendence-tantra.com and use the submit and I will contact everyone to ensure a balance of male and female energy and orientation You are welcome to bring your beloved or tell a like minded friend about this gathering. AND MOST IMPORTANT You are also welcome if this is just time out for ‘me’ and to fill up on positive energy.

Full details of the address will be given when your donation of €85.00 has been received as this is a private gathering, no drop ins.

If you’re experienced and wonderful vegan/vegetarian cook or a talented musician please contact me if you’d like to share this day with Tantric Soul Sundays

Wishing you light and love.

Om Shanti from Tara

Note: Please bring weather appropriate clothing as there will be a meditation and nature walk in the garden. There is no nudity during this session. Please be respectful to the personal space of others during this gathering. We all value respectful connection but please ensure the feeling is mutual.