Fierce Embodiment Weekend Retreat – 20-22 Sept 2019

With Marcela Widrig

When was the last time you felt the strength and determination of your legs? The generous, sensual power of your hips? The agile movement of your thighs? When was the last time you dropped into the deep, relentless force in your belly? Or moved from the wild, creative depths of your womb?

Daily life is shaped more masculine energy

As technology and life demand more and more of our mental focus and attention, women have become less and less connected to the lower half of our bodies, the place where our raw, passionate, wild nature resides.

The masculine, western world demands that we be strong, independent, focused, strategic, efficient, so we can “get shit done” better and faster than anyone else. Our value is often defined by how much we have accomplished and in how little time.

What’s included

  • Workshop as described (15 hours of workshop)
  • 2 nights shared accommodation
  • Delicious, freshly prepared meals for entire stay (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)
  • Free time to walk and rest and take in the beauty
  • Natural pool and hot tub

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