Sacred Tantric Dynamic Dearmouring Weekend with Vesco – 8-10 April 2016

Join Vesco for a weekend of Tantric Dynamic Dearmouring, a weekend of journeying to the heart of you.image

“On a journey where under my guidance you will identify the conscious and unconscious holding patterns that are holding you back from having the fulfilling, blissful life that you know should be yours.

A great opportunity for you to explore the blockages that stop the flow of the Life Force through your body and your very being.

We’ll work together for you to release those blockages and connect again with your authentic self and prepare for a fuller, freer, more open experience of life where you are you, where your relationship with yourself and others around you is rich, deep, loving.

You will connect again with a sense of your own empowerement. When the blockages are dissolved you will identify the life you really want and continue on your journey to getting it, free from the constraints that held you back.

You may have heard me say that the best way to experience the magic of the Tantric Energy is a longer retreat. Minimum of two days. It takes time to make the transition from your busy-busy ordinary reality to the subtler Tantric sacred space.

Here is that two-day opportunity for you to allow the subtler Tantric energy to do its healing magic on the physical and energetic blockages that may be holding you back from a deeper experience of life, love and everything really.”


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(Link is to older event but information remains the same)