Philo Café

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how”

– Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols (1888)

You are very welcome!

Join the discussion on every first Tuesday of the month at Slí Na Bandé!


We are taking a hiatus from meetings at the moment, please check back later.



  • To give people the opportunity to discuss life concerns, serious or difficult topics, philosophical questions and more in an open manner.


  • There are no specific qualifications required for anyone to join the discussion, only a sincere desire to investigate one’s beliefs and attitudes.

All members are notified in advance of the topic of discussion.

The Philo Café is intended as a platform to try out our ideas on others to find out what they think and to clarify our own thought processes.
Each other’s feedback is extremely valuable in adjusting our thinking and solitary cognition. This encourages a flexibility which is of course the first prerequisite for equality. It provides the platform to allow us to change our thinking on any topic.



Summaries of recent Philo Café Meetings:

Contribution 3 Euro – Tea and coffee provided

How to get to Slí Na Bandé

One Response to “Philo Café”

  • Sat Nam Marlene,
    I would really like to be at these discussions but as I told you already the timing clashes with my preexisting committment to teaching Kundalini Yoga on Tuesday evenings. I would, however, greatly appreciate it, if any of your attendees are interested in exploring Kundalini Yoga, that you would give them my website url.
    James Madden